Cameras, fire alarm, security alarm, and Card access control systems

Areas of Expertise

camera surveillance systems

Our systems provide advanced features making CCTV or IP cameras a great tool to protect your home or business against theft, lawsuits and customer complaints. You may also use it for watching nannies, housekeepers, pets, children and an outdoor perimeter.

CCTV or IP cameras are versatile and can be located in a wide variety of places, allowing the customer to access real-time video images of your business or home from any computer or internet capable device.  We offer offer a full range of video security cameras, digital video recorders, networked video recorders, monitors and remote viewing methods.

Card Access Control systems

Card Access Control Systems K and S offers a full range of systems that are easy to use and accommodate to your needs. Protect sensitive areas, create different security levels or control access to a building to ensure that the right people have access to your business.

With an access system, every entry to your site is logged to generate an opening and closings report for later review. This can be an invaluable tool when investigating vandalism or theft, or tracking employee time and attendance. Other benefits will be to limit corporate liability and avoid the high cost of re-keying.

In today’s market, technology is limitless and deciding what suites your needs is not easy. At K and S we will work with you to tailor the system that is right for you, saving you time and money.


Fire Alarm Systems

Our long corporate history is built on personal relationships and the experience of our employees. We know that nothing is more important to you than the safety of the people and assets in your properties. Our fire alarm systems and services provide you with peace of mind, convenience, exceptional service and prompt follow through on details.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AND RESPONSIVENESS: Our team of consultants and system engineers will work collaboratively with you to understand the unique needs of your property or properties and to develop the best protective solution. We provide thoughtful fire alarm solutions by designing, installing, monitoring, inspecting and servicing fire alarm systems that meet your unique requirements. This ensures that your system complies with current insurance and regulatory requirements, including municipal fire codes. 

INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS : We provide non-proprietary equipment from the industry's leading manufacturers. Our commitment to deliver non-proprietary equipment leads to a better, simpler service experience, but most importantly, provides you the freedom to choose the right system and AFA, the right business partner for all your service needs. We believe this leads to a better, simpler service experience. Our knowledgeable professionals design and install the best solution for your property utilizing quality systems with the features, functionality and value you need.

Security Alarm systems

An efficient security system should be personalized to comply with your needs. Our consultants can help you evaluate your property for potential security threats and guide you through the process. Every security system can easily be integrated with other security services including access control, video surveillance and fire systems. Additional Services may be provided such as:

-UL Certified Monitoring Station: 24 hours a day monitoring station will receive signals and inform the appropriate authorities.

Environmental Monitoring: Not everything is an emergency, we may monitor climate control, power continuity, humidity, carbon monoxide and gas pressure.

Cellular Back-up: This offers and alternative method for the system to send a signal to the central stations in case the traditional phone line is not functioning due to loss of power or any other unexpected occurrence.

Hold-up & Panic button Monitoring: An emergency button can be setup to trigger an alarm, this button may activate panic alarms or other security mechanisms like access control, recorders and cameras.

K and S can provide you with an alarm certificate and even lower your insurance premiums.